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Does Penomet Work? – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Says It Does

penomet review 2017When you hear that a new penis enlargement device sold more than 5000 units in just three days, you have to expect that it probably does a pretty good job.

When you read the reviews for this particular device, you will find out that not only does Penomet work, but it is the only penis enlarger of its type that uses a water assisted pump to get you the size and performance you have been looking for.

If you have used penis pumps in the past, then you should know that these are certainly not all the same, and there are a few aspects to Penomet that really set it apart from other devices, not least of which is that you can use it in the shower or bath.

What Is Penomet?

This is a uniquely designed and truly innovative penis enlargement system that uses a series of interchangeable gaiters to ensure that you continue to grow in size over time.

It is made with the highest quality materials, and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty as well. In most cases, men see a difference in size is the first 15 minutes of these, and within weeks, they begin to notice a significant difference both in length and girth.

penomet-prices 2017

What Are People Saying About This Product?

This design was created by Italian scientists who were looking for a safe and natural way for men grow a bigger penis without endangering the skin or the sensitive circuitry with it. Not only does Penomet results to increase their size, but you will get stronger, harder erections, more satisfying sexual experiences overall.

This is been proven to banish impotence, to put an end to premature ejaculation, and even to straighten out that penises.

Obviously, as a result of all of these and more, you will have more confidence, or sexual ability, and this can even prevent the onset of erectile dysfunction.

This is a simple to use pump that is utilized either in or out of the shower or bath, and uses a specifically designed aqua-pressure system, which provides you with the ultimate vacuum necessary for increased size. Clinical studies have proven that this method of penis enlargement is for real, and will result in not only short-term growth, but long-term growth as well.

How Does Penomet Work?

Before you try any product such as this, you owe it to yourself to take the time to read the reviews. Finding out what other men are saying about this can help you feel more confident about your purchase. What you will find out is that this truly works, if, and effective, too.

Check out how the gaiters work here:

“Being one of the first to try out the Penomet during its development phase, I have truly gained a lot, not just in length, but also boosted my self confidence in the bedroom.”

  • Brandon, US (Testimony from company website)

“I had tried all the pills and stretching equipment I could find online and nothing seemed to work. I have been using it for three months now, and I have already added half an inch in permanent gains”

  • Charles, UK (Testimony from company website)

When you read the reviews for Penomet, you will see that not only are using this is a way to get more length and girth, but they have also found, sometimes by accident, that this increases sexual drive and performance as well.

“I not only got my libido back but I literally saw my penis grow. What an amazing invention. I highly recommend it”

  • Jonny, US (Testimony from company website)

You can find some more personal testimonials of Penomet at

Where Should You Buy Penomet?

Obviously, this is not the kind of product that most guys want to buy in person, so fact that you can buy this online should be pretty expected.

When you buy this from the official website, you will get a lifetime replacement warranty as well as a 60 day money back guarantee on the product itself. You can choose from the Standard, Extra, or Premium package, all of which come with a variety of bonuses that will help you get even more out of the Penomet Pump.

For instance, you will get discreet shipping and billing on your purchase, you will get free access to an online forum, and free online support, too.

With the Premium package, you will also get additional gaiters that will help you increase size over a longer period of time.

Is This Right for You?

When you compare the functionality of this pump to various other enlargement devices that are on the market today, you will see that this is considerably safer and more effective.

There is no risk to you at all, and many men find this to be a truly enjoyable experience with no research found stating any pain or discomfort encountered.

So, not only does Penomet work, but it is an effective and trusted product for increased growth.


virilityex pills review

Virilityex pills are made up of herbs like tribulus terrestris, oat straw and eleuthero. These elements are extremely much capable of increasing and optimizing male virility in a man. Besides enhancing virility, immunity may also be tremendously improved with the usage of virilityex pills. Virilityex pills also contains Catuaba plant extract which is a fantastic aid to men who are facing the problem of low potency.


Virility Ex is the only pill that has gained maximum positive comments from all its esteemed buyers. There are reasons that account for the greatest customer satisfaction rating with Virility Ex male enhancement pill. Virility Ex is confirmed to boost size, increase in sexual stamina, improve in sexual drive, efficient remedy for erectile dysfunction and quite successful in controlling premature ejaculation.

VirlityEX pills

Virilityex, in no doubt, is a wonder pill. Virility Ex side effects are unheard and Virility Ex scam claims are totally false and do not have any substance in it. virilityex pills have saved many men from endless mental agony of getting modest organ. Just using a couple of virilityex pills, you’re able to achieve complete satisfaction.

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Jes extender- the best male enhancement device

Jes extender is the male enhancement device and non surgical penis enlargement product that acts as traction for making your penis larger in length and also in girth. It is the best solution to all sexual issues that arises from reduced penis size, little satisfaction, discontentment relating to male performance and low self confidence. All these issues can be solved with this product for achieving a larger and bigger penis. It is clinically proven technique that assures men of having an additional size of their penis. The increase in the size of penis is by assisting the natural ability of the human body for changing and developing under physical influence. This device follows the concept in which penis is exposed to constant stretch and thus the cells on the particular area will start to multiply and divide and therefore it results in the additional tissue mass. The theory behind this product is time and tension. The penis is muscle that is large in size and can be stretched over time. This device gently stretches and pulls the penis using traction. This helps in the formation of new skin in between the spaces.


The use of the Jes extender can be done any time of day either during work or free time. It can be used by men depending on their personal schedule and timings. The unique feature of this device is lock and load system as when you load you penis in this device, it will fit in very well. Thereafter it will lock your penis in state of the optimum tension. This is a very effective feature so that the penis can be increased faster and can become big. Another feature of this penis enlargement product is perfect tension control system that helps you to increase your tension accurately so that your penis will start growing in size. The adjustable mechanism of this device provides you with complete control over customizing your tensions to fit in your increased size. Along with being very effective this device also provides you with complete comfort which is integral to the penis enlargement process. It also has unique ergonomic design makes this device very comfortable for you to wear. Even when you are asleep you can wear this penis enlargement product without even realizing that you are wearing something. It is a hassle free process in which you can get a larger and bigger penis.

Jes Extender is the penis enlargement device that helps you in improving your performance in bed by enhancing the size of your penis without the help of any surgical procedures or pills. Along with lengthening the size of penis, this device also helps in providing men with confidence so that every kind of penis imperfections can be corrected. Even those with uneven genital area or crooked penis have experienced improvement in few months of using the device. This device is reliable, successful, affordable and safe to use so that you can gain more confidence in bedroom for better performance.

Does Vigrx Plus Work – What It Can’t and Can Do

Before even asking a question – does Vigrx Plus work at all?”, let me clarify the following… All penis enhancement pills are designed to make a male capable of increasing the penis thickness and overall size just in the course of sexual intercourse, when you’re sexually aroused. In other words, for much better blood filling the corpus cavernosum (a set of sponge-like areas of erectile tissue which have most of the blood in the penis in the time of penile erection) and as a result for better erection.

vigrxplus_ingredients list

The better the quantity of blood flow, the larger and firmer the penis comes to be, allowing you to do much better during sexual relations. The other benefits of taking quality male pills can be: increase in sexual desire, better control over erections and ejaculation.

Thus, the phrase Penis Enlargement Pills can be misleading if you think that the pills will be increasing considerably and permanently the size of penis. Officially there’re no scientifically proven results on pills able to add permanent inches.  

Little legitimate scientific research has been done specifically on penile enlargement, so any claims of significant and permanent enlargement can be biased or anecdotal. General research has been done regarding the efficacy (or lack thereof) of the contents of the pills; otherwise, one assumes, mainstream medicine would have made use of them if they indeed worked in any setting. There are also risks inherent to some of the more invasive procedures, with negative outcomes ranging from the tearing of skin and scarring, to permanent loss of sexual function. Due to the speculative nature of any hope for “improvement” and the many known cases of permanent injury involved in this endeavor, many medical professionals are sceptical of the subject.

At present, there is no proof of any non-surgical technique that permanently increases either the thickness or length of a normal penis.

Much of the marketing of pills and potions appears based on the unproven premise that women require men to have large penises and that the size of one’s penis may be (in extreme cases) a psychological/psychiatric condition best dealt with by qualified medical practitioners. – read more in wikipedia on penis enlargement.

So, by improving male’s overall health and as a result boosting blood flow to groin area, the supplement will make you have more girth (not length), thus boosting sexual performance. You’ll start observing a difference either almost instantly or in the first couple of days of applying them.

Now let’s look at some of the ingredients for better understanding of how the capsules can help.

Bioperine® – Piperine, Piper Nigrum L

Bioperine® has been verified in U.S. medical studies to without risk enhance the absorption of vitamins and mineral that it is put together with by a minimum of 30 %!

Simply explained, Bioperine® makes supplementation function far better.

By inhibiting drug metabolism, piperine may increase the bioavailability of different compounds and alter the efficiency of some cures.


Damiana is undoubtedly, connected with increased interest in sexual activity and sexual behaviors. In mices, a dose-dependent grow in mounting activities was monitored. This means, the greater damiana they took in, the more their sexual activities improved. (Source: International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research 2009; 1 (1): 1-4)

Epimedium Leaf Extract

Latest researches surrounding Epimedium and the active element “icarriin” have resulted in researchers stating it could be the next Viagra. (Source: J. Nat. Prod., 2008, 71 (9), pp 1513– 15 )

It is thought that icariin is likely to be the primary active component of Epimedium extracts, as it has been shown to share several mechanisms of action with compounds used in Western medicine to treat impotence and improve sexual function. In particular, icariin has been demonstrated to act as a PDE5 inhibitor and to enhance the production of bioactive nitric oxide, as well as mimicking the effects of testosterone. It also shows antioxidant, antidepressant and neuroprotective effects in animal studies, as well as stimulating osteoblast activity in bone tissue which has been linked to a possible therapeutic role in the treatment of osteoporosis. – wiki on Icariin

You can find the full list of Vigrx Plus ingredients here.

Enhancements with the supplement build over a period of 30-60 days, because the ingredients accumulate in your organism.

Just bear in mind medication erection pills are absolutely nothing more than short-range options that you should take 60 minutes before sex and they’re simply helpful for a single sexual encounter. On the other hand, the benefit of quality pills is to increase your erection perfection, control, and libido so you can enjoy unrestricted, natural sex on demand after your nervous, endocrine and other systems will improve …