Curved Penis Erection Peyronie’s Disease

Do you know what a banana looks like? of course you do, it’s the worlds best selling fruit after all, outranking orange and apples in term of sales revenue.

But we are not going to talk about that no, Today we’re going to discuss a “condition” that 388 out of 100,000 men allover the world suffers from, according to the survey conducted by the medical union in 2007.

Peyronie’s Disease or commonly know as penile curvature OR MORE commonly known as “banana erection”.

Basically, penile curvature is caused when fibrous tissues form in the tunica albugie


Treat Peyronies disease

na located inside the penis. Creating hard threads of tissue focused on the center of your organ. Curving your penis when erect.

It is commonly diagnosed between ages 40-70. Teens going to early adulthood too, but rarely.

Although penis curvature may not be curable ENTIRELY, it could still be straightened for up to 70% PERMANENTLY without any risky surgeries involved. Click here to discover the cure for curved penis erection.

How it will ruin you

The dilemma begins here, having Peyronie’s disease could make sex unenjoyable, PAINFUL and in some extreme cases even IMPOSSIBLE.
Above: Your sex life. If you have Peyronie’s disease.

You may have the idea that if a woman’s G-spot is located in the upper part inside the female organ then that’s a good thing right? because your penis would be able to penetrate to it easily right???

Actually no, because even if the female genitalia is made to adjust and withstand penis with sizes from 4 to 9 inch, it’s simply not designed for curved penis hence, the painful (not the sexually fulfilling one) sensation.

Penile curvature is PERMANENT unless you do something.

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